Pigeons on Auction

The first 25 pigeons are currently up for auction that raced at Carnival Lots in the winter 2021 series, some have pedigrees and some not unfortunately. Some of the pedigrees are detailed others not so much but what is a fact is that these top 25 pigeons and for that matter any of the top […]

Pedigree Requests

With the final race now done and dusted I need pedigrees mailed to me on info@carnivalloft.co.za please I need to do the list of pigeons going up for sale on Toppigeon asap after the auction closes all prize money will be paid out then another 50 pigeons will be sold on our own website as […]

Last hotspot of Carnival Loft One Loft Race

Last hotspot of Carnival Loft One Loft Race today, super proud to breed 5th and 37th place. Our 5th place bird was only 3seconds behind the winner. 5th place, the sire is from our pair of Mark Gilbert birds, Southfield Bonzo and Southfield Tubby, the dam is our double federation winner Hillcrest Catherine who is from […]