Pigeons on Auction

The first 25 pigeons are currently up for auction that raced at Carnival Lots in the winter 2021 series, some have pedigrees and some not unfortunately. Some of the pedigrees are detailed others not so much but what is a fact is that these top 25 pigeons and for that matter any of the top 100 pigeons handles well, to have completed the series of races this year and every year takes a good pigeon.
As you can see there are some truly top pigeons up for sale and some of the best will go for a lot less than what you might think. Go and have a look at some of the pedigrees, some without pedigrees will be just as good! And one fact that remains a fact is that if you want to have your name close to the podium here next year a quicker and easier way to do that will be to purchase one or two of these top 60 pigeons and breed from them to send back to the loft.
For their full results just follow this link:
For the averages of the winter 2021 series you can click on this link: