Pre-bidding has gone live

Good morning auction 1 pre-bidding has gone live and you can now pre-bid on the pigeons till next week Thursday when the pre-bidding closes, please note this is pre-bidding only the amount the pigeon closes on Thursday evening will be the opening bid at the live auction to be hosted here at the lofts on Saturday 12 February 2022, if you have any questions about any of the pigeons you can contact me directly on 0829281742 and I will gladly assist, for the fanciers who did not send the pedigrees as yet please do so urgently so we can upload the info. If you want to add any info on your pigeons please mail the info to or send it via whatsapp.

Please make sure that we have your contact details if you have the highest pre-bid so I can contact you on the day of the auction.

Click here to visit the live auction.