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1806, 2020

News 18 June

Good morning from a wet and cold Carnival Lofts, the winter team have had about 10 training flights of which 5 was from about 50km's. I was planning to do the first published training flight [...]

2505, 2020

2020 Winter team

1st loft list of the 2020 winter team are loaded, you can go and have a look by following this link, please note all the data will be checked once we scan the pigeons physically [...]

1704, 2020

News from Carnival Loft 16 April 2020.

Covid 19 I still think sometimes I am in a dream but then I look at the figures and realize that this is not a dream it is a reality! The lockdown has not affected [...]

402, 2020

Proposed program for winter 2020

Description Date: Liberation Point Distance  Training 23-Jun Heilbron 90km Training 26-Jun Heilbron 90km Training 30-Jun Edenville 120km Training 03-Jul Edenville 120km Training 10-Jul Ventersburg 210km Race 1 17-Jul Winburg 255km Race 2 24-Jul Verkeerdevlei 300km [...]