News from the loft 8 October 2021

News from the loft 8 October 2021, with the last pigeons now settled and free to start flying around the lofts it is time for me to shift all my energy and focus to these pigeons. They are in very good health and looking good for the series of races ahead.
The pigeons will be forced to go up and circle around the lofts within the next 5 days, they will do loft training for at least 3 weeks before we will start short training flights and basket training.
I want to thank all the people who sent pigeons and yes we know it has been challenging with AI and Covid but we managed to get one shipment of international entries to the lofts, it is still sad that we did not manage to get the pigeons from the USA and Thailand as this would have really helped in getting the number of entries close to 1000 pigeons, we did manage to get close to 550 pigeons in for the race.
I am planning to fit the electronic rings to the pigeons within the next 14days, as I mentioned I would like to get the pigeons into the baskets and give them some short training flights from 1 November, if all the goes well we can have the first hot spot by the end of November from about 210km’s.
Herewith the list of fanciers or teams taking part in the Gold Cup race.
AfricanRoots Midlands Lofts
Ahmad Saad Mike and friends
Aldahoum Team Mohamed Al-Fala
Alfons Klaas Nawaf Bin Rakib
Al-Hazm Loft Pennington Lofts
Ali Almiea Petrus Harmzen
Al-Khaleej Loft Pro Genetics Pigeons
Alp Race Team Protea & Puma Hokke
Andreas Möller Reynders & Umberti
Badar Alsanafi RMG Racing ZA
Bas Weyers Rob Heerman
Cornick & Liddel Saad Al-Juwaikh
Croft Lofts Salman Nashmi
Pietersen Family Loft Samuel Lofts
Daniel Troskie SG Wolvers /Gröne
Die Ou Skuur Span 1 PH
Dieplaagte/Sterkfonten/SilverStar Span 10 Werner & Petrus
Dobermann / Gröne Span 11
Dr. Angelika Targatz Span 12
Eaglestone Lofts Span 2 Swarico
Faber & Theron Span 3 H & H
Fahad Al-Harbi Span 4 J – P
Final Flutter Sindicate Span 5 Dirkie
Gys & Formyn Span 6 PASELLA
Hans Paul Esser Span 7 BOB – P
Hans Paul Esser / Heinz Fenten Span 8 M – F – S
Heiko S. Goebel Span 9 Torpedo – P
Hooymans Pigeons Team Heerman-Klingbiel-Gilbert
Hussen Ali Al-Jewessry Team in Memoriam
Jaco Bekker en Peet Fouche Team Sunkissed
Jakkals & Wolf Triple J Lofts
Jassim Al-Kulaib Uys Hokke
Jones & Marlton Veenstra/Koekemoer/Gomes
JTC Hokke Wahlbrink / Gröne
Karl Heinz Burger Willie Munnik
Koutsoudis Brothers Yusef Al-Muteri
Lamprecht en Stratus Zdenek Pavlik