Pre-Bidding for Senekal Auction

The following list of pigeons will be auctioned at Senekal on 6 March 2021:

They will go on pre-bidding right here from Monday 1 March till 4 March 2021, this will be a pre-bidding auction only, the final bid on 4 March 2021 happening right here, will be the opening bid at the live auction in Senekal on 6 March 2021.

Pre-Bidding: 1 March – 4 March
Auction: 6 March
Cheetahs Pub & Grill
Viewing: 10am
Auction: 11am
Contact: Jaco Bekker 083 381 4925


A 15 minute overtime rule has been amended. 15 minutes overtime will be added if any bids are placed within 15 minutes prior to the auction closing on ALL bids.

Please read the auction rules here.