Auction rules

1. Become a registered user of the site by completing our easy-to-follow registration form. Click “Register” on the navigation bar on any page to register. Once you have completed the registration and clicked the submit button you will be emailed your password. Use this to logon to the auction.
The best thing is that registration is absolutely free!

2. Auction Rules:

2.1 Bids are processed in order received. Bids are processed immediately.
2.2 All items have a minimum bid or reserve.
2.3 The starting bid must be equal to or greater than the stated minimum bid. Starting bids equal to the minimum will be posted at the minimum.
2.4 You may increase your bid at any time before auction closing.
2.5 The winning bidder will be the highest bid received prior “bid closing”.
2.6 The Server clock is the final arbiter of the “bid closing”.
2.7 The hammered price will be equal to the high bid. The item will be awarded to the winning bidder at the hammered price. The Seller has the right to withdraw from the highest bid if his expected price is not been reached on auction.
2.8 The final results of the auction will be published on the site shortly after auction closing.
2.9 Winning bidders will be notified and EFT payment needs to be received within 48 Hours.
2.10 Shipping to buyer to be arranged by the Buyer. Will ship to the buyer in a timely manner, using good quality boxes, and including the required documentation or pedigrees. Excluding in Auction Bid – Shipping – Country wide R600 per Pigeon
2.11 The auctioneer has the absolute discretion to determine the winning bidder; to cancel the sale or re-offer and resell any disputed item.
2.12 Indemnity:

Each Buyer agrees that his/her executors, administrators and/or assigns shall indemnify the Organizing Agents, “Carnival Loft” its servants and agents from and against claims for damage or claims from any cause whatsoever to any person who may make a claim against the Organizing Agents or any of them, should the pigeon/s on auction be found different to the clear description of the Seller, whether or not such a claim is based on the negligence of the Organizing Agents, its servants or any sub-contractors of the Organizing Agents.

Carnival Loft, its servants and agents, are selling on behalf of the Seller with a clear understanding that all pigeons on sale will be the Buyers responsibility to insure himself/herself that the pigeon on auction complies to his/her expectations. Save as hereinafter provided, no warranty whatever is given as to the performance of fertility of any pigeon, and the Purchaser is hereby invited to insure against this.

In view of the nature of the good that is being sold, being that it is a living animal, the Purchaser recognizes that the eventual infertility or reduced fertility of the Pigeon, notwithstanding the efforts undertaken by Carnival Loft, its servants and agents, or in this regard and as detailed hereafter, does not have any influence on the conformity of the delivered product. In view of the nature of the good that is being sold, being that it is a living animal, the Purchaser recognizes that the perfect health of the Pigeon, notwithstanding the efforts undertaken by Carnival Loft, its servants and agents, in this regard and as detailed hereafter, is not required for the fulfillment on the part of Carnival Loft of their delivery obligations.

3. Place your bid! Once you have selected the item you want to bid on. When outbid, you will be sent an email message as soon as someone overbids you.
You can also track ALL your bids by clicking “Bids”.

4. An “AUTO LISTING TIME EXTENSION” will offer the opportunity for last bidding.
Bidding within the last Five (5) minutes before closing will automatically extend the auction with another fifteen (15) minutes and will be extended again until final bid (Highest Offer) was accepted.

When a new bid is made for any given pigeon within the last 5 minutes of an auction closing time, the auctioning closing time of that pigeon will be extended by another 15 minutes.

For example:
The auction was set to end at 20:00. A bid is made for a certain pigeon at 19:57.
The auctioning of that pigeon is automatically extended to 20:12, the auction for all other pigeons that did not receive a bid in the last 5 minutes will still end at 20:00.
The Seller selects this option when creating their listing, so if this option is selected, it will be indicated on the item showing the time extended.
Basically, the auction will have a scheduled close time – for example 20:00.
If there are no bids in the last 5 minutes before 20:00, the auction will close as normal known as .”bid closing”.

If, however someone places a bid at 19:59, the auction is automatically extended by 15 minutes, until 20:15. If there are no further bids, then the auction closes at 20:15.
If one or more bidders bids at 20:01 in the extended time, then the auction automatically extends again with 15 minutes. Any bidder that bid in the extended time will keep on extending the time with the purpose to have a fair chance to buy the pigeon at his best price submitted, if no bidding continues and the extended time ends, this will be the “bid closing”. This simulates the “Going, going . gone” nature of traditional live auctions.
Every time a bidder submitted a bid – an e-mail is send to the bidder to confirm his bid – if, the bidder is “outbid” not only will the new amount show on the auction screen – but an e-mail will be sent immediately to notify him that there are a new excepted bid on the pigeon.
Because of possible slow internet speed country wide, potential different Internet and E-mail settings, interested buyers need to refresh the page frequently to check if other bids have been placed.

5. From time to time a mistake will be made. If that occurs, please email us. Bids placed in the last three (3) hours of the auction will not be deleted.

Good luck and enjoy!