It was a very cold night and early morning in Trompsburg, one of the coldest trips we have done, we decided to leave early Thursday morning for Trompsburg as we were not 100% sure if the roads were clear and ok but I spoke to some fanciers along the route and they assured us that it was calm on the N1. We stopped at our usual feeding spot, for the pigeons that is at Bloemfontein and gave them food and water. We travelled further and arrived safely in Trompsburg with more than enough time to give the pigeons another opportunity to drink water.

Early Friday morning we got up and the temp’s was -6 degrees so we decided to wait for it to get a bit warmer before we left the guesthouse to the liberation site. It cleared up and we decided to open the pigeons at 07h30, they did not hang around and pulled away heading towards Bloemfontein quickly.

The wind was behind them for the first 50km or so but then turned against them all the way back to the lofts, we arrived back and it was not long when two pigeons arrived from the west of the lofts, they turned over the roof and then dropped down on the landing board, first to walk in was a pigeon bred and entered by Gys & Formyn.  The 2nd pigeon that arrived with the winning pigeon was entered by Pietersen Family Loft, well done to both breeders for having the first breakaway for the 2021 season. It was about 4 minutes later when Andre Botha who came to watch the arrivals saw the next kit first.

The pigeons arrived in small groups on a regular basis and I must admit that I am very happy with the condition of the winter team, I still do not have answers as to what happened there early in the season but for now this team of pigeons really are doing exceptionally well on every race.

The results of race 3 can be found by following this link:

The top 10 was:

Rank Fancier Prize money Pigeon Speed [m/min]
1 Gys & Formyn R4 000 W0571 GPU 20 7735 1284.6351
2 Pietersen Family Loft R2 000 W0126 PPS 20 8860 1283.2196
3 Greg Anderson R1 500 W0136 GRPF 20 5203 1269.1464
4 Corrie Naude R1 500 W0479 ZA 20 311623 1269.1172
5 Greg Anderson R1 500 W0256 GRPF 20 5211 1269.0239
6 Pasella R1 500 W0397 ZA 20 273285 1268.9597
7 Johnston Hokke W0012 KUR 20 10074 1268.808
8 PH W0626 WPU 21 7168 1268.7847
9 Johnston Hokke W0176 ZA 20 258802 1268.6505
10 Aces Racing Pigeons W0582 NOVP 20 1523 1268.5398


The team’s competition is also getting interesting now with the following teams leading the charge:

1 2 3
Deelnemer Punte Glen Tierpoort Trompsburg
1 PH1A 126 39 44 43
2 Pietersen Fam A 115   47 68
3 Greg Anderson D 99 22 27 50
4 JohnstonC 94 8   86
5 Willie Steenkamp 91 3 49 39
6 Victorian Lofts 90 90    
7 Greg Anderson C 88 21 21 46
8 GVR Hokke A 79 28 46 5
9 Lamprecht Hokke 75 37 31 7
10 GVR Hokke D 58   37 21


Well done to the leaders of the team’s competition at the half way mark of the 2021 season. Please note the knock-out competition will be published on the website and the link will be posted on the group. I have also updated the current ace pigeon on the Benzing olr website.

Ace pigeons currently:

The top 10 pigeons currently are:

Ace Pigeons
Race Release Time
Race 1 Glen 24.06.2021 07:15:00
Race 2 Tierpoort 01.07.2021 07:30:00
Race 3 Trompsburg 16.07.2021 07:30:00
Rank Fancier Pigeon Pigeon Name Speed
1 Steenkamp Family Loft W0680 CYRL 21 921 1379.2076
2 Greg Anderson W0136 GRPF 20 5203 1378.9185
3 Pietersen Family Loft W0126 PPS 20 8860 1377.507
4 Bela Vista W0493 CYRL 21 913 1374.8376
5 Prada’s Pride W0357 ZA 20 311728 1374.0136
6 Mountain Lofts W0594 MOUN 21 214 New Break 1372.8102
7 Mountain Lofts W0587 MOUN 20 959 Super Andante 1372.4301
8 PH W0626 WPU 21 7168 1367.4144
9 Quentin-Brett de Beer W0055 CYRL 20 5134 1365.695
10 Chris Stemmet W0527 WPU 20 3782 1365.4751


Congratulations to the current top 10 in the ace pigeon’s competition.

I want to wish you all the best for the remainder of the winter 2021 series of races, if all goes well race 4 will be early next week perhaps on Tuesday I just want to make sure the pigeons have recovered and are ready for the first 500km race. I will keep you up to date on the group as to when we will race again.

I am working on the rules of the winter 2022 series as well, I have asked a few of you what changes you would like to see and I have a basic idea of how we will host the winter 2022 series so if you have any thoughts let me know please.

It will basically be based on minimal loft fee of R400 per pigeon entered into the lofts and only after we reached 200km’s will there be an activation fee for all remaining pigeons in the loft after they had a 200km training flight.