It has been a hectic few weeks for us here at the lofts, my laptop decided to pack up on me, was sent in for repairs but lasted about a day then packed up again and was then fitted with a new hard drive so that is all sorted and ready now for me to write this newsletter. The pigeons are currently in of the best form I have had a team of pigeons here at the lofts. The losses on the two Ventersburg training flights as well as on race 1 and 2 has been minimal and here I would again like to thank Dr Piet van Zyl for his input as well as his Break-A-Way products he supplied to us to use.

My newsletters I usually do soon after a race but with the laptop not in working order and then the motor vehicle accident I was involved in on Friday last week has put me back a bit but now we are back in the office and ready to get going again.

Race 1 Glen (Weltevreden Game Lodge), it was a nice day out for the pigeons with some scattered clouds about at liberation, we parked in the open grass fields of the game lodge and opened the pigeons at 07h15, they did not mess about and took direction towards Gauteng fairly quickly.

As we drove back the windmills were barely turning and I expected a velocity of close to 1275mpm, as we turned in on the dirt road close to home I received the missed call from Carlos that is his way of letting me know the first pigeons have arrived. Back at the lofts the fanciers who came to watch the arrivals was surprised to see how high the pigeons were on arrival, as we drove into the farm I could see some of the later arrivals just as high dipping down towards the lofts.

The first kit was close to 40 or 50 pigeons apparently but the main winner on the day was Greg Anderson who had a number of pigeons in the first kit, he also clocked in 1st and 2nd position! The top 6 positions were:

Rank Fancier Prize money Pigeon
1 Greg Anderson R4 000 W0022 GRPF 20 1637
2 Greg Anderson R2 000 W0020 GRPF 20 1644
3 Lions & Springboks R1 500 W0219 EDEN 20 4255
4 Quentin-Brett de Beer R1 500 W0038 CYRL 20 5123
5 Victorian Lofts R1 500 W0425 ZA 20 262399
6 Mountain Lofts R1 500 W0587 MOUN 20 959


Well done to the money winners on race 1, the full results can be viewed by following this link:

Race 2 was flown a week later from Tierpoort Dam south of Bloemfontein, it was a very cold night in the chalets there next to the dam and when we got up the next morning I decided to delay the liberation by 15minutes to get the sun shining a bit clearer and the temps to rise a bit. We liberated the pigeons at 07h30 the wind was south south westerly but not strong at liberation, as we drove back the windmills was turning slowly and there was not a lot of wind at group level, some participants said we will fly a 1700mpm but I thought closer to a 1500mpm well was I wrong, we were still near Deneysville on our way back when I received the missed call from Carlos. The pigeon or rather the first 4 pigeons arrived at 11h18 flying a velocity of 1671mpm. Well done to Dirk Norval who won race 2. The money winners on race 2 were:

Rank Fancier Prize money Pigeon
1 Dirk Norval R4 000 W0142 NV 20 2114
2 Steenkamp Family Loft R2 000 W0680 CYRL 21 921
3 Emerald Stud R1 500 W0087 NJ 20 5504
4 Andre Koch R1 500 W0521 WPU 20 3188
5 GVR Hokke R1 500 W0646 GPU 20 2415
6 Quentin-Brett de Beer R1 500 W0044 CYRL 20 5120

The full results can be found by following this link:

The plan was to have race 3 sometime this week but due to the unforeseen accident I have not really been able to do the driving, I have a friend who will assist us tomorrow in driving to Kroonstad and doing the long training flight and I am sure towards the middle of next week we will have race 3 from about 420km.

The team’s competition is also on the go and the current leaders in the team’s competition are:

1181 1 2
Deelnemer Punte Glen Tierpoort
1 Victorian Lofts 90 90  
2 PH1A 83 39 44
3 GVR Hokke A 74 28 46
4 Lamprecht Hokke 68 37 31
5 Pasella1B 54   54
6 Greg Anderson A 52 52  
7 Willie Steenkamp 52 3 49
8 Greg Anderson D 49 22 27
9 JohnstonB 48 48  
10 LionsA 48 48  
11 Pietersen Fam A 47   47
12 Dinokeng A 43 43  
13 Greg Anderson C 42 21 21
14 Protea Hokke 41 41  
15 GVR Hokke C 38   38
16 Gys & Formyn A 38 38  
17 GVR Hokke D 37   37
18 JohnstonA 34   34
19 Gys & Formyn B 33 33  
20 Eygies 23 23  
21 PH1B 23 14 9
22 Puma Hokke 20 20  
23 QB de Beer 20   20
24 Kinderhuis Rensburg 18 1 17
25 Die Ou Skuur 15   15
26 Antonio Sampiao A 14   14
27 Jaxaru Stud 13 13  
28 Kriek Hokke 13   13
29 Midlands Loft A 11 11  
30 Bela Vista  B 8   8
31 JohnstonC 8 8  
32 Croft Lofts 7   7
33 Goldsmith Lofts 6   6
34 Greg Anderson B 6 6  
35 Chris Stemmet 5   5

I will publish the full results as well as the knock out competition on our website as well and put the links on fb and WhatsApp.

Thank you very much too all the participants for your patience and if you pick up any mistakes that I might have made please just send me a WhatsApp so I can look into it.