Africa Gold Cup (Hosted by Allflight CC. 15 Jan ‘22)

Entry fees US$1500 for a team. (A team will consist of 5 pigeons, 2 entries and 3 reserve pigeons). Intake period will be from 1 April 2021 – 1 July 2021 for international participants and 1 April 2021 – 20 August 2021 for fanciers in South Africa. An entry form must be completed and sent to the organizers via email.

Training flights will consist of an activation race of 200km’s (160miles) before the start of the Ace Pigeon Competition. The remaining reserve pigeons can be activated by the owner/breeder at a cost of $500 per pigeon before Hot Spot 1, should the owner/breeder not wish to activate the remaining reserve pigeon/s they can be sold to any 3rd party to take further part in the race series and all subsequent prize money will be for the “new” owner, once a pigeon is entered by a 3rd party the original entrant relinquishes all rights to the pigeon as well as any prize or auction money. Pigeons not activated prior to Hot Spot 1 will not take part in the Ace Pigeon Competition.

There will be 3 Hot Spots ranging from 240 – 400km (150 – 250miles) with prize money of $8500 on each of the 3 Hot Spots. The final will be from 560km’s (350miles) but can be shortened or lengthened dependent upon weather conditions by the trainer/manager. Prize money below is subject to at least 800 activated entries before Hot Spot 1. Should more than 800 pigeons be activated before Hot Spot 1 prize money as well as additional money positions will be added.

Prize money on each of the 3 hot spots:

$1 = €0.83 $1 = R15
Pos USD Euro ZAR
1st 2000 1660 30000
2nd – 5th 1000 830 15000
6th – 10th 500 415 7500

Ace Pigeon (Ace pigeons will be verified by the clock, computed on total distance/total flying time of the 3 Hot Spots and the Final Race, hours of darkness will apply and the clock will be set to close 15minutes after sunset at the loft and open 15minutes before sunrise at the loft on all the Hot Spots and the Final Race)

Ace pigeon competition payout:

Based on 800 entries $1 = €0.83 $1 = R15
Pos USD Euro ZAR
1st 15000 12450 225000
2nd 7500 6225 112500
3rd 6000 4980 90000
4th 4500 3735 67500
5th 3000 2490 45000
6th – 15th 500 415 7500

Final Race:

Based on 800 entries $1 = €0.83 $1 = R15
Pos USD Euro ZAR
1st 100000 83000 1500000
2nd 50000 41500 750000
3rd 25000 20750 375000
4th 15000 12450 225000
5th 10000 8300 150000
6th 7750 6432.5 116250
7th 7500 6225 112500
8th 7500 6225 112500
9th 5000 4150 75000
10th 5000 4150 75000
11th – 20th 2500 2075 37500
21st – 40th 1500 1245 22500
41st – 80th 500 415 7500

1st position will receive a gold cup

2nd position will receive a silver cup

3rd position will receive a bronze cup


After the Final Race all pigeons will be auctioned. The breeder gets 50% of the net selling prize. 

Every entrant must supply a pedigree of his pigeons on auction in order to be entitled to this kickback.   

Anything not covered herein will be published on our website and/or announced by subsequent short messages notice or emails. Kindly pay due attention to these as they will become part of the Terms and Conditions of entry.

All the prize money mentioned above is subject to a minimum of 800 pigeons paid for before Hot Spot 1. All prize monies will be paid out after the auctions of the pigeons. No entry fees will be refunded.

Reserve your entries now. The loft can hold 3000 pigeons comfortably but we will only accept 2500 pigeons for this year’s race.