A decision on the date of the final race has not yet been taken, in 22years of hosting or being involved in one loft racing this is the most scrambled weather I have encountered, the various weather sites are literally changing hourly, I have kept on training the pigeons every day in small batches from about 50km’s – 70km’s, there is a possibility of racing on Friday 29 January but currently the predictions of a heavy thundershowers along 50% of the flight path is predicted, to be honest they predicting rain along the flight path almost every day for the next 5days at least. I will do my best to take and make the best possible decision in the interest of the pigeons but yes I would love to have the final as soon as possible.

I am sure they will encounter rain on route but as long as it is not a heavy thundershower they will be fine. For now I keep my eyes peeled on the various weather apps available and will update you all as soon as I have made a decision.

Thank you for understanding