Well done to the top 4 pigeons that arrived together on hot spot 5 from Mooispruit Bed & Breakfast just south of Verkeerdevlei toll gate. I have been waiting in nervous anticipation for this hot spot to happen as I knew the season has been way too easy on the pigeons, I do not like to lose pigeons but this is unfortunately what happens in the olr’s across the world. Each and every olr across the world tries our best to get as many pigeons to the final and back from the final but we are not always that successful and there are many contributing factors that plays a role but the one thing I am sure of is that we as olr’s do our best to ensure as many entrants gets pigeons to the final. Some fanciers have also perfected the art of selection for a certain olr and they will be more successful than new entrants sometimes. Some of the entrants do not fly in the front in any of the hot spots or pre-races but are waiting just for the final to come and then suddenly they will appear in the top few.

I must be honest I was feeling uneasy last week and something in me told me that it was going to be one of “those” days on Saturday, this team of pigeons after making the mistake very early on this season has had the luck on their side, they have not encountered temperatures higher than 26degrees, there has not been and thundershowers along the route also not once did they get a strong headwind in the trainings so they have always been close together and with not too many coming very late on race days.

Driving down on Friday we encountered a serious thunder storm between Winburg and Verkeerdevlei and at one point had to drive about 40kmh as visibility was very poor, I can remember a few very tough hot spots the day following the drive down to liberation in a thunderstorm, this must have an effect on the pigeons. Saturday morning dawned on us and it was about 50% cloud cover and the predictions of rain along the road was now a lot clearer and the weather forecast was for a cool start to the race and a westerly wind on route. At 05h50 I liberated the team and they circled about once or twice before heading home, we drove away from the farm and got onto the highway within 15kms from liberation we drove into some heavy mist which could not be seen from the liberation point and I knew the pigeons would struggle to get through the mist, fortunately the misty conditions cleared quickly and we around Ventersburg we could see that it had rained minutes earlier as the road was waterlogged still, closer to Kroonstad we saw some heavy clouds moving towards the east and you could see lightning in the distance, my opinion is that the winds pushed the pigeons towards that thunderstorm and they had to try and work their way around the weather.

We arrived back at the lofts and the wait began, I was standing closer to the lofts catching a bit of a sunburn in the heat as the temps and especially the humidity was uncomfortable at that stage. I saw the 4 dots appearing from race point, working their way towards the landing board. They dropped down and it was evident that they were feeling dehydrated and tired.
They walked in and the winner was a pigeon bred and entered by Bernd Rohlig from Germany, 2nd position went to Out of Africa, 3rd position H & F, 4th Croft Lofts well done to all 4 of you on a super result.

Rank Fancier Country Pigeon Arrival Speed [m/min] Pigeon Name
1 Bernd Rohlig Germany S070 DV03658 20 752 16.01.2021 10:00:30.50 1229.5000
2 Out of Africa South Africa S372 VPU 20 7023 16.01.2021 10:00:31.20 1229.4428 Warpath
3 H & F South Africa S216 SNWF 20 2177 16.01.2021 10:00:31.80 1229.3937
4 Croft Lofts South Africa S096 CYRL 20 6832 16.01.2021 10:00:33.20 1229.2792 Pink Chim
5 Team Shanghai Eagles Germany S492 DV06723 20 181 16.01.2021 10:04:07.40 1212.0099
6 MAP Syndicate South Africa S335 VPU 20 7456 16.01.2021 10:09:31.60 1186.7759
7 Gavin Lamprecht South Africa S175 CYRL 20 3798 16.01.2021 10:09:33.10 1186.6616 Mauritius
8 Quentin-Brett de Beer South Africa S419 CYRL 20 5116 16.01.2021 10:09:33.40 1186.6388
9 Heinz Fenten Germany S250 DV01592 20 264 16.01.2021 10:09:33.60 1186.6235
10 Koutsoudis Brothers South Africa S303 OP 20 658 16.01.2021 10:09:35.60 1186.4711 Elektra

For the full results follow the link:

This was the final hot spot of the 5 prerace trainings now we prepare for the final race that is scheduled to take place weather permitting on 30 January 2021 from Trompsburg (460km) back to Carnival Lofts. After the 5 hot spots the current ace pigeons are:

Rank Fancier Country Pigeon Pigeon Name Speed
1 Loutjie & Ina Korff South Africa S321 PWF 20 3927 1201.8595
2 Gavin Lamprecht South Africa S175 CYRL 20 3798 Mauritius 1196.7056
3 Witpen Hokke South Africa S557 ODRA 20 1819 1187.4618
4 Kalahari Loots & Robert Scott South Africa S284 MPHU 20 7681 PJ 1183.4991
5 Koutsoudis Brothers South Africa S298 OP 20 590 Iron Man 1181.9971
6 African Roots Synd South Africa S019 MSHS 20 98 Gaby Kuwait 1180.0234
7 Werner Buchloh Germany S542 SRSP 20 1743 1177.3791
8 Lions & Springboks South Africa S315 EDEN 20 5787 Hillcrest Limitless 1168.6246
9 Heinz Fenten Germany S250 DV01592 20 264 1167.6438
10 Quentin-Brett de Beer South Africa S418 CYRL 20 5115 1162.3556

As you can see there are not much in it but well done to Loutjie & Ina Korff who are leading the pack!!!

For the full list of ace pigeons follow this link: