The last 5 days or so I could see the kit is busy losing a bit of form, this I have seen for so many times in the past in olr’s that you can see the team of pigeons are going off the boil and as a trainer you then just hope the losses on the next race is not too high, my prediction was that hot spot 3 will be the first real test for the class of summer 2021, there are many factors why I said so in the newsletter last week because as a trainer I could pick up that the pigeons have dropped some form. The first thing I picked up is that the international entries are mostly sitting with a very short no 10 flight, or have just dropped their number 10 flights, the local pigeons have started dropping the cover flights, about 10 to 12 days earlier than usual; all of these factors plays a role in the condition of the pigeons. The two 70km training flights over the weekend I could see that first of all I beat them home which did not happen previously and the batches arriving back was a lot smaller, still they arrived quickly and just off pace from earlier the season but there was definitely more smaller kits arriving than the usual two or three big groups.

But in order to have a final and a good final we need to push through these patches and still get them down the line, in years gone by when the international entries arrived in South Africa at the end of May and inĀ  June time would not have been a problem, but with the new regulations that pigeons have to sit at least 30days in quarantine in Europe and then another at least 30days here in South Africa the summer races have had to adapt and had to amend the training schedules accordingly.

I still hope that in the near future we could go back to having the entries arrive in May and June from outside of South Africa and the local entries arrive from May till end of July from the local fanciers which will mean we could then start the training around the lofts in September and the road training first week of October. We can revert back to a final race of 550km’s as well as there will be enough time to get the pigeons to do at least 4 x 150km’s, then 2 x 200km’s a 260km, 320km and a 380km before the final race.

But back to this season, the temperatures quickly went up into the high 20’s the last few days and touching on the 30’s by about 11am in the mornings. As I drove down to Ventersburg there were a lot of water next to the road and all the small dams were full which is always a good thing for the pigeons.

They were given water in the baskets at about 6pm and then settled in for the night. Early the next morning I was up and drove to the liberation site.
It was a clear day with some clouds and little no wind at that time. I liberated the pigeons and all of them jumped out of the baskets and made half a circle then headed off towards the lofts. About 20km from Ventersburg I drove next to them and could see the pack was heading in the right direction but some were starting to lag behind, not too far but you could see they were already 20 to 30 meters behind the main group. North of Kroonstad the wind started picking up and some of the windmills turned slowly, the direction of the wind was on the right wing and in some places even slightly from the back as well assisting them. At Koppies the temperature were 27degreees as I went past there and I knew the front pigeons will do ok as they would be home by 9am, but I also knew that we would definitely have some pigeons arriving late and plenty of them will
learn for the first time to stop for water along the road.

I stopped at Deneysville at the local butcher to get some braai meat and cold drinks for the guests and the workers, I arrived back on the farm and as I walked towards the loft the first kit arrived, 21 pigeons together but one of them missed the landing board and ended up on the grass, as I walked closer to get the pigeon to fly up onto the landing board the second kit arrived looking fresher than the first kit that obviously did not go down for water. I greeted the visitors and went into the loft to see who won the race, in 1st position was Simon Wolf from Switzerland with a pigeon bred by Hennie Moll. Some of Simons pigeons were in the batch of pigeons that got stuck in The Netherlands and so I acquired some pigeons from a couple of local fanciers to race in the place of the international pigeons stuck in quarantine still. Thank you to Hennie and Petrus who bred these pigeons so that our international friends at least has an interest in the current summer race. 2nd position our winter ace flyer in 2020 Quentin-Brett de Beer, 3rd is the Cousins from Senekal and 4th and 5th JJJ who needs no introduction in olr racing! The top 20 pigeons that landed on the landing board together were:

Rank Fancier Pigeon Arrival Speed [m/min] Pigeon Name
1 Simon Wolf S519 OERF 20 377 30.12.2020 08:36:58.10 1226.9701
2 Quentin-Brett de Beer S416 CYRL 20 5113 30.12.2020 08:36:58.20 1226.9582
3 Cousins S092 OVRF 20 12239 30.12.2020 08:36:58.60 1226.9106 Gango Gaby 3
4 Triple J Lofts S510 JJJ 20 1073 30.12.2020 08:36:58.60 1226.9106 Hannah Welton
5 Triple J Lofts S507 JJJ 20 1062 30.12.2020 08:36:59.30 1226.8274 Meytal Cohen
6 Danie Erasmus S117 NWPFD 20 7104 30.12.2020 08:36:59.50 1226.8036
7 Dieplaagte/Sterkfontein & Stratus Lofts S458 GRPF 20 2112 30.12.2020 08:36:59.70 1226.7798
8 Camelot Hokke S079 PPK 20 516 30.12.2020 08:37:00.50 1226.6848 Tjokkie
9 Heinz Fenten S250 DV01592 20 264 30.12.2020 08:37:00.90 1226.6372
10 Willie Munnik S555 SRSP 20 1784 30.12.2020 08:37:00.90 1226.6372
11 Aces Racing Pigeons S012 NOVP 20 407 30.12.2020 08:37:01.30 1226.5897 Allans Carmen
12 African Roots Synd S022 OERF 20 178 30.12.2020 08:37:02.80 1226.4114 Carnivals 3000
13 Heerman & Gilbert S240 HHC 20 3925 30.12.2020 08:37:03.30 1226.3520 Camp in Kimberley
14 Heerman & Gilbert S238 HHC 20 3915 30.12.2020 08:37:03.50 1226.3283 Sun City Rocks
15 Andre van Wyk S037 CYRL 20 5330 30.12.2020 08:37:03.90 1226.2808 Jayden
16 Midlands Loft S343 MIDL 20 12 30.12.2020 08:37:04.30 1226.2333 Moffie
17 Cachalia Brothers S078 CACH 20 360 30.12.2020 08:37:05.70 1226.0670
18 Loutjie & Ina Korff S321 PWF 20 3927 30.12.2020 08:37:09.10 1225.6634
19 Chen Hashem Lofts S088 PROD 20 59 30.12.2020 08:37:11.40 1225.3906
20 Aces Racing Pigeons S010 NOVP 20 404 30.12.2020 08:37:12.00 1225.3194 Okutan Klaas


The full results can be found by following this link:

Click here

Well done to each and every one who had pigeons in the first few home, to those fanciers who is currently not in the front packs do not stress too much as this is summer racing in Africa and a lot can and will still change in the next few weeks leading up to the final race.

After 3 hot spots the ace pigeons competition is also hotly contested but still leading the averages is the comeback kid and I jokingly tongue in cheek call my good friend Steven Fouche from African Roots this name as none is happier to see him back in the sport than me! Well done so far Steven and partners!!!

Click here

The current top 20 on the ace pigeon standings are:

Rank Fancier Pigeon Pigeon Name Speed
1 African Roots Synd S022 OERF 20 178 Carnivals 3000 1239.1508
2 Loutjie & Ina Korff S321 PWF 20 3927 1238.5007
3 Triple J Lofts S510 JJJ 20 1073 Hannah Welton 1235.4902
4 Quentin-Brett de Beer S416 CYRL 20 5113 1235.4808
5 Heerman & Gilbert S238 HHC 20 3915 Sun City Rocks 1233.5909
6 Aces Racing Pigeons S014 NOVP 20 412 Princess Una 1232.7834
7 Willie Munnik S555 SRSP 20 1784 1232.0841
8 Koutsoudis Brothers S298 OP 20 590 Iron Man 1231.4973
9 Guido Barth S187 DV04411 20 323 1230.7669
10 Danie de Beer S115 OERF 20 998 Maximus 1229.1278
11 Triple J Lofts S507 JJJ 20 1062 Meytal Cohen 1228.6365
12 Midlands Loft S337 MIDL 20 2 Maverick 1226.846
13 Uys Hokke S528 OERF 20 9389 Andre’s Gold 1225.4478
14 Andre van Wyk S036 CYRL 20 5329 Mila 1225.2542
15 GVR Hokke S200 NND 20 1151 Smokin Joe 1224.7568
16 Team Shanghai Eagles S495 DV09623 20 496 1223.7125
17 Petrus Harmzen S389 SNWF 20 2105 1223.5057
18 Aces Racing Pigeons S006 NOVP 20 394 Typhoon Lady 1222.6058
19 Murray & Hillcrest S354 EDEN 20 5789 Hillcrest Fly 1221.8172
20 Pasella S383 SNWF 20 2187 1221.6706

All the best for you and your families and friends for the new year ahead!
Hot spot 4 will be flown next week Wednesday or Thursday weather depending from Winburg area.

Happy new year and please stay safe and healthy!

Carnival Loft Team