Summer race 2021

We had a few problems with the importing of the entries from Europe, the first batch that was shipped will only arrive in SA in about 14days time, and they will automatically be moved to the winter loft as we cannot realistically get them into the summer squad in time to be competitive. It will be unfair on the pigeons as well as the entrants of those pigeons. The 2nd batch made it a bit later than anticipated which has again caused us to start later than we would have liked.  The intake however went well and we have about 550 pigeons that are now in training, they will be fitted with their electronic rings next week and the new updated list will be published on the Benzing olr website.

Herewith is a planned or proposed race program well it is actually a daily program for the summer 2021 pigeons, weather permitting I will try and stick as closely to this program as possible. Please note however that if the pigeons respond well I will add to the distances of the hot spots as well as training flights to have the pigeons in the best shape possible for the final race. I have also put down the final race date as either the Friday or the Saturday and a final decision will be taken about 3 days before the final weekend on which day we will race weather permitting.

Please note the activation date of 17 November for all reserve pigeons will be moved to 9 December 2020 the scheduled first hot spot will be on 11 December 2020 from about 160km’s. I will try and have at least 3 x 100km’s training flights before the activation date as well.

Good luck to all participants in the summer 2021 series!!

Click here to download Program Summer 2021

Kindest regards