Race 8 Colesberg 3 October 2020,

We drove down to Colesberg in cooler temps than the previous races and we could see the pigeons ate more when they were fed at Bloemfontein as per usual due to the cooler temps and they also drank less water as it was not as hot driving down. We arrived at Colesberg at about 15h30 the afternoon and gave the pigeons a bit of food and then we filled the water bowls so they could drink till about 18h20 when we took out the water troughs.

Saturday morning at 05h30 we left for the liberation site, there were scattered clouds and towards Noupoort we could see heavier clouds and some misty patches. Sunrise was at 06h01 and by 06h20 it was clear so we could liberate the team for race 8! We liberated the pigeons south of Colesberg and headed home, about 10kms towards Gauteng the clouds pulled in closer and a thick bank of low mist was in front of us, before we reached the Orange river we were travelling in and out the mist. There were little to no wind till about 9am when the wind started blowing in a north westerly direction. I knew that the wind would not play a major role and the only thing that could make it a difficult race was if the pigeons did not get through the mist between Colesberg and Trompsburg and they were trying to navigate their way past the mountains, if they did not navigate correctly they would end up having to fly extra kilometers to reach the lofts. All the way back or till at least Edenburg we encountered some misty patches from Bloemfontein however it was clearer weather, the wind only picked up after noon, we arrived back and I knew I was ahead of the pigeons by quite a margin but I did not think by such a huge margin! Another race another day I was left confused!

2020 you have had me at my wits end when it comes to racing pigeons. My prediction was for an arrival just before 14h00 this race but I knew if they are not back by 14h00 they made mistakes in the mist and will be scattered AGAIN! At about 13h15 I think it was a pigeon appeared from behind the lofts and circled a few times then dropped down and was a bit scared to walk over the ets scanners, once it did enter I went to go see if the pigeon registered on the computer, it did clock but due to the fact that we here at Carnival Lofts on all the money events takes the effort to scan each pigeons physically before basketing and do not just use the “basket all” feature on the clock, this is the reason why the pigeon did clock but did not register on the computer as it was not scanned for the race. I caught the pigeon and checked the ring number and it was a late pigeon from a previous race so it just got the blood rushing a bit and got us ready for the wait!  Danie de Beer predicted a clock time of 14h30 and he also saw the winning pigeon before I or any of the staff saw her, she was so low and came home with such a speed that I could not even get my phone ready to capture her arrival. The winning pigeon belongs to GVR Hokke she was 5th from Noupoort as well so a truly top performance! This family of pigeons is doing exceptionally well for Johan as well as his dad in club racing but they have also excelled in olr’s as they are very closely related to the bakkie winner at Dinokeng in 2019 as well as the main race winner in 2020!

They also had the ace old bird at Carnival Lofts in 2019!!! 2nd position goes to JJJ van der Linde who is also a top performer at olr’s in 3rd position Quentin Brett de Beer whose team of pigeons have been knocking and knocking week in and out; he also had quite a number of top 100 positions so far this season! 4th position another pigeons that is scoring high up the last 4 races bred and entered by Dinokeng Lofts! 5th position was taken by Gilbert & Bruin from KZN, in 6th position was brothers Hendrik & Daniel Moller, 7th position Antonio Sampiao, 8th position Marianne Kruger from “Prada’s Pride” with the same pigeon that finished 2nd from Noupoort in race 7, this pigeon was also the winner of race 1 this season! Marianne is the current leader of the single bird averages for the 2020 season with only the final race to go. 9th position was won by Johnston Hokke another top 10 finish for them as well; they have had an excellent season so far and are the current leaders on the all bird averages! In 10th position we had H & F of Petrus Harmzen.

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We have one race left on 16 October 2020 weather permitting after which we will have the auction of these pigeons by the end of October 2020.