Pigeons to be rung with officially recognized 2020 or 2021 rings ONLY.
Please note no pigeons previously entered in any other competition at Carnival Loft will be accepted for this event.                                         

Intake 15 September 2020 to 28 February 2021. Entrance fee R1500per pigeon

50% deposit per pigeon must be paid when the pigeons are sent or delivered to the loft. The balance of R750ea activation fee per remaining pigeon must be paid by no later than 20 May 2021. We will have at least 5 published training flights before the activation date in 2021 which will include at least 3 x 100km training flights. All pigeons not fully paid up by 31 May 2021 will be removed from any further training or participation. A fancier or partnership can enter as many pigeons as they wish to enter.

The pigeons will partake in at least 6 races leading up to the final race in 2021, these 6 races will be on distances varying between 200km to 500km’s, we will try and have a final race of about 8 to 9 hours on the wing but not less than a 600km race, should it be a strong tailwind the final race will be from 680km’s. All liberation points as well as the date of the races will be solely at management’s discretion.

Prize money based on 1100 entries:
Races 1, 2, 3 and 4 (200 – 380km) – 1st R6 000, 2nd R3000, 3rd – 20th R2000ea =R45 000ea

Race 5 & 6 (400 – 500km) – 1st R20 000, 2nd R10 000, 3rd R5000, 4th R3000, 5th– 20th R2000ea = R70 000ea

Final race 7:


Prize money


Prize money


R150 000


R17 500


R100 000


R15 000


R75 000


R12 500


R50 000


R10 000


R30 000

12th – 20th



R25 000

21st – 50th



R20 000



Prize money for the ace pigeons based on shortest flying time on the combined distance over the 7 races:

1st R50 000, 2nd R25 000, 3rd R15 000, 4th R10 000, 5th R5000, 6th – 10th R3000ea = R120 000

Total prize money on the 7 races plus ace pigeons based on 1100 entries will be more than 1 million rand.

Richmond classic (680km):

This race will be flown two weeks after the final race. (We will try to have a combined liberation on this race with another organization from Gauteng)

Entrance fees R300 per pigeon paid before race 1 if we get 1000 pigeons entered before race 1 in the prize money on the Richmond classic will be:

1st R100 000, 2nd R50 000, 3rd R30 000, 4th R10 000, 5th R10 000, 6th R10 000, 7th R10 000, 8th – 10th R3000ea, 11th to 20th R1500ea = R234 000.

Team competition:

There will be a team competition, a maximum of 8 pigeons per team will be allowed but a fancier may enter more than one team. The official entry form will have space for 8 pigeons, should a fancier enter less than 8 pigeons they will still be recognized as a team in the team competition. The averages of the teams will be calculated on the first 100 pigeons clocked per official race, the winner of the single bird averages as well as the winner of the all bird averages after the final race will each win a trophy & R5000cash.

After the final race we auction all the pigeons; breeder gets 50% of net proceeds. If a pigeon is sold for less than R601 all will be offset against costs with no kickback to the breeder this rule will apply to all pigeons without a pedigree as well. Should there be less than 1100 pigeons entered a maximum of 50% of the entrance fees will be paid out as prize money, the same rule will apply on the prize money calculations of the “Classic” as well. No entry fees will be refunded.