Race 6 was flown from Springfontein (488km) flying distance for the pigeons, and as has become the norm for the last few races here at Carnival Lofts it was a tough day at the office for the pigeons. They had headwinds 90% of the route with temp’s going up to 26 degrees. This I think will be the norm for the final 3 long distances races that is still on the program for the winter 2020 squad. the only difference and this is not great news for the pigeons is that the temperatures will go nearer to the 30 degree mark, I will still give it my best to make sure that as many pigeons as possible have enough in the tank to make it back from the long races as well.

Let’s get to the results; the winning pigeon from Springfontein is also the leading ace pigeon in the loft from Andre & James Johnston who races under Johnston Hokke. This hen has scored the following positions thus far in the 2020 season:

Race 1 – 45th
Race 2 – 82nd
Race 3 – 8th
Race 4 – 22nd
Race 5 – 162nd
Race 6 – 1st

Johnston Hokke is having fun on the ace pigeon competition with the top 3 pigeons currently!! That is a phenomenal achievement I have to say!!
The top 20 positions from Springfontein were:

Rank Fancier
1 Johnston Hokke
2 GVR Hokke
3 Pigeon Power
4 Jagters
5 Jagters
6 Droogtehulp
7 Hendrik en Daniel Moller
8 Hillside Lofts
9 Hendrik en Daniel Moller 2
10 Danie de Beer
11 Quentin-Brett de Beer
12 Pigeon Power
13 Hervormers
14 GVR Hokke
15 Hendrik en Daniel Moller
16 Desert Queen
17 Croft Lofts
18 Willie Munnik
19 Prada’s Pride
20 Leon, Pum & John

Well done to all these fanciers and pigeons!
The results can be viewed on the Benzing site as well as on the pigeonuniverse site.

The link to the result:


The winners of the middle distance single bird averages are:
Hendrik & Daniel Moller team 1


The top 10 on the middle distances were:
The link:

Position Fancier Points
1 Hendrik en Daniel Moller 283
2 Droogtehulp 280
3 Pigeon Power 260
4 Chloes Lofts 260
5 Hendrik en Daniel Moller 3 254
6 Desert Queen 252
7 Jagters 248
9 Pasella Lofts 230
10 Willie Munnik 228

The winners of the middle distance all bird averages are:

Johnston Hokke

The top 10 on the middle distance all bird averages:
The link:


Position Fancier Points
1 Johnston Hokke 828
2 Hendrik en Daniel Moller 736
3 Quentin-Brett de Beer 701
4 Prada’s Pride 392
6 Hendrik en Daniel Moller 3 662
7 PH 710
8 Hendrik en Daniel Moller 2 480
9 Willie Munnik 593
10 Jagters 624

The middle ace pigeon was won by a young lady who calls her loft “Chloe’s Loft”
 Well done Chloe!!! Uncle Fabio can give you an extra hug today J
The link: https://pigeonuniverse.co.za/clrpc-pigeon-averages?order=field_t_middlepig&sort=desc

The top 10 middle distance ace pigeons were:

Top 10 ace pigeon’s middle distances were:

Position Fancier Pigeon Points
1 Chloes Lofts ZA GPU 2019 6938 242
2 Hendrik en Daniel Moller 3 ZA PPL 2019 1650 230
3 Desert Queen ZA NOVP 2019 2838 218
4 Hendrik en Daniel Moller ZA PPL 2019 1665 186
5 Antonio Sampiao ZA Cyrl 2019 277 184
6 Johnston Hokke ZA 2019 185400 179
7 Wilcon ZA NJ 2019 4733 176
8 Johnston Hokke ZA KPK 2019 5104 169
9 Lamprecht Hokke ZA OPK 2019 179 168
10 Chloes Lofts ZA Cyrl 2019 6380 167

Well done to each and every fancier who has done well so far this season it was very easy at the beginning but turned out to become a very VERY tough season and we are not finished yet!
As mentioned I also run the non-official bragging rights “Grand averages” on the Benzing site the link to these averages are:


Rank Fancier Pigeon
1 Chloes Lofts W0718 ZA GPU 2019 6938
2 Desert Queen W0385 ZA NOVP 2019 2838
3 Palm Ridge ODRA W0437 ZA ODRA 2020 1604
4 Merce Des Lofts W0469 ZA SOTD 2019 2251
5 Droogtehulp W0764 ZA WPUD 2020 271
6 GVR Hokke W1071 ZA OERF 2020 528
7 Croft Lofts W0818 ZA 2019 192673
8 Berg Hokke W0422 ZA OAK D 2019 1526
9 Chloes Lofts W0717 ZA Cyrl 2019 6380
10 Johnston Hokke W0349 ZA KPK 2019 5835

The pigeons have done 2240km so far in races and there is another 1900km to go! At the end of this season they would have finished more than 4000km on the wing! I do not say this as a sales gimmick I say this as a fancier who has seen the amount of winners bred from these pigeons who completes the season in the top 50 here at Carnival Lofts that you can open your wallets and spend money on these pigeons as they will produce club, organization and one loft winners in the future!

Carnival Lofts has built up a reputation of selling top stock pigeons to the pigeon fanciers over the years that has bred local and international winners already!