You still have two weeks to enter pigeons into the summer 2021 race here at Carnival Lofts, we have more than 500 babies entered into the race already
which includes more than 120 from Germany, Holland and Denmark. Some of the top SA fanciers also has pigeons entered already and more are sending the
next two weeks.

Rules for the Summer Challenge Carnival Loft January 2021

Entrance fees is R3,200 per entry. For every one entry you may also send 3 reserve pigeons. One pigeon will be activated in a team of 4 automatically
please note the first R3200 MUST be paid on delivery of the pigeons at the loft, all remaining reserve pigeons MUST be activated at R3,200 each before
17 November 2020. Pigeons must be rung with 2020 rings.

We commit to paying out not less than 60% of entrance fees as prize money.

Time schedule:

Hot Spot 1      21-Nov-20       200 km
Hot Spot 2      28-Nov-20       250 km
Hot Spot 3      5-Dec-20        300 km
Hot Spot 4      16-Dec-20       330 km
Hot Spot 5      30-Dec-20       360 km

Final Race      16-Jan-21       450 km

Prize money on each of the 5 hot spots:

H/S 1 through 5
1st     R10000
2nd     R5000
3rd     R3500

Ace Pigeon (Shortest flying time of the 5 hot spots and the final combined)

Ace Pigeon      ZAR
1st     R20 000
2nd     R10 000
3rd     R3 500

Final race:

Final   ZAR
1st     R160 000
2nd     R80 000
3rd     R40 000
4th     R30 000
5th     R20 000
6th – 10th      R10 000 each
11th – 15th     R7 500 each
16th – 30th     R3 500 each

The above figures are based on a minimum of 300 pigeons paid and entered before hot spot 1. The full list of prize monies will be published after all the entries have been paid before hot spot 1. All teams not fully paid for by 17 November 2020 will be removed from the loft and will not be allowed to take any further part in the summer races. In other words all remaining pigeons in a team of 4 must be activated before hot spot 1 for the team to take any further part in the summer series. You may enter fewer than 4 pigeons per team if you wish to do so, at the same cost or R3,200 each.

After the 6 race series, all pigeons will be auctioned; breeder gets 50% of selling price net of costs. If a pigeon is sold for less than R801 all will be offset against costs with no kickback to the breeder.

Entrants must supply a pedigree or some other form of information on strain/performances of the family of the pigeon in order to qualify for this kickback.