1st loft list of the 2020 winter team are loaded, you can go and have a look by following this link, please note all the data will be checked once we scan the pigeons physically next week as we know there are two corrections we need to make:

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We all waiting to hear from the government in respect as to when we can start training and racing the pigeons for the 2020 winter series, for now we have them basket trained and they have responded well, we will carry on loading them into the baskets in the morning and liberating them on the farm and when we get the green light we will be on the road.

The race program at this stage will not be altered but just moved back a few weeks, if we have to we will race till the end of October to finish the winter series

Please note the summer intake is open and if you need pigeons transported to us feel free to contact me so we can see how we can accommodate you in this regard.