Covid 19 I still think sometimes I am in a dream but then I look at the figures and realize that this is not a dream it is a reality! The lockdown has not affected us here on the farm too much as we can keep ourselves busy and we have space to move around but I am sure many of you cannot say the same, I want to ask all of you to be safe and take care of yourself in these times of uncertainty.

Let’s get to the thing that keeps us all in contact pigeons, the winter team are all settled, vaccinated, dropped for parasites etc. etc. and in good health, about half of them are already striking up once when open them in the morning but I have not yet started force flying them, that will start next week Monday. At this stage the proposed program on the website ( still stands. This however will be amended should the lockdown continue.

We have ordered the electronic rings but I am not sure as to when we will get them, the 1000plus winter team has been captured on the olr software so that when the rings arrive we can fit them onto the pigeons. Once this is done I will publish the list on the Benzing olr website. I will however publish a list of pigeons in the lofts when we did the pox vaccination a few weeks ago on our own website

I am sending you the rules for the summer series as well, I am not that confident that we will have international participation but we have in the past had very successful summer races with only South African participation so we will go ahead with the summer race as scheduled.

Stay safe and take care