A quick recap of the results from hot spot 3 that was flown from Ventersburg on Friday 17 January 2020.

The pigeons were transported to Ventersburg late on Thursday afternoon in order that they get taught to drink water inside the baskets in preparation for the final scheduled to be flown on Friday 31 January 2020. After arrival at Ventersburg they were given water and most of them drank as the temperatures were quite a bit higher than on the previous hot spots.

Friday morning they were moved to the liberation site at 05h40, the forecast was for a clear day with midday temps going up to the low 30’s. At 06h00 they were liberated and did not waste any time to clear the liberation point and headed back to Gauteng. On the drive back about 10kms from liberation we saw the kit on the left hand side of the highway next to us but not for long as they decided to go more towards Welkom than Kroonstad with the north easterly wind blowing already. We never saw then again on the road back to the lofts.

We arrived back at the lofts and generally when only driving with the bakkie and small frame we beat them by between 20 and 30minutes from any distance further than 180km. The eta of the pigeons was between 09h10 and 09h25. At 09h16 a small kit of 11 pigeons appeared from over the eucalyptus trees and dropped down on the landing board, the first pigeon to cross the ets was a pigeon from 6711 Lofts (Salie David’s) from Cape Town followed very closely by a pigeon racing for the SSPO Youth Academy also from Cape Town and in 3rd position a pigeon entered by the Sharks Syndicate (Horsman & Symonds) from KZN. Well done to the top 3 performers on the hot spot but we need to mention the gents in 4th place no hang on not only 4th place but 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th position plus a few more in the top 30 for the day, none other than Triple J Lofts, the Erwee’ s has done a lot of hard work the last few seasons to almost perfect their one loft strategy and breeding for races held in the summer here in South Africa with exceptional results this current season at the MDPR and at Carnival Loft. Hats off to them on some super results and yes I will also be holding thumbs for you to make it a dream season by winning the MDPR this year!

The top 11 on hot spot 3 was:

Hot Spot 3 Result List
Rank Fancier Pigeon Arrival Speed [m/min]
1 6711 Lofts SSPO 19 2857 17.01.2020 09:16:07.10 1075.8811 R4000
2 SSPO Youth Academy SSPO 19 9617 17.01.2020 09:16:07.70 1075.8262
3 Sharks Syndicate HHC 19 4064 17.01.2020 09:16:09.40 1075.6708
4 Triple J Lofts ZA 19 178675 17.01.2020 09:16:09.40 1075.6708
5 Toppigeon.co.za (Beneke Lofts) TRPF 19 2154 17.01.2020 09:16:09.60 1075.6525
6 Bela Vista CYRL 19 273 17.01.2020 09:16:09.60 1075.6525
7 Triple J Lofts JJJ 19 89 17.01.2020 09:16:14.20 1075.2323
8 Triple J Lofts JJJ 19 86 17.01.2020 09:16:43.10 1072.5996
9 Triple J Lofts JJJ 19 85 17.01.2020 09:17:18.80 1069.3651
10 Triple J Lofts ZA 19 178670 17.01.2020 09:17:35.10 1067.8948
11 Die Ou Skuur Hok OOA 19 239 17.01.2020 09:17:41.10 1067.3546


For the full results please follow this link:


Ace pigeons 2020 Summer series:

Currently leading the pack is none other than a pigeon from Triple J Lofts, followed by 6711 Lofts and in 3rd position a pigeon from Bela Vista.

The top 10 currently are:

Allflight Carnival Loft Ace Pigeons 18.01.2020
Race Release Time Distance Release Point
Hot Spot 1 08.01.2020 06:00:00 121 km Edenville
Hot Spot 2 13.01.2020 06:15:00 166 km Wonderkop
Hot Spot 3 17.01.2020 06:00:00 211 km Ventersburg
Rank Fancier Pigeon Speed
1 Triple J Lofts ZA 19 178675 945.5843
2 6711 Lofts SSPO 19 2857 945.5694
3 Bela Vista CYRL 19 273 945.2076
4 Toppigeon.co.za (Beneke Lofts) TRPF 19 2154 944.8203
5 Sharks Syndicate HHC 19 4064 944.6421
6 SSPO Youth Academy SSPO 19 9617 943.5813
7 Triple J Lofts JJJ 19 89 943.3607
8 Triple J Lofts ZA 19 178670 941.8381
9 Berg Hokke CYRL 19 391 939.9295
10 Bela Vista CYRL 19 266 939.595

The next and final hot spot will be flown from Kroonstad area from a distance of about 170km on Thursday or Friday this week weather permitting. It is now one week before the final race which will be from approximately 400km on Friday 31 January 2020. I want to take this opportunity to wish all the participants well for the final race and even though it was a small kit of pigeons we had this season due to the move here to Heidelberg Gauteng I want to thank you all who participated it was not easy in the short amount of time but we have a great team of young pigeons who has shown their guts and steel and have performed exceptionally well under the pressure!! So from me as trainer I want to thank you all for sending and trusting me with your best. Seldom do you as entrants realize how much pleasure I get from training your pigeons, yes stressful on a bad day or a bad race it is for sure as well but all and all I do still get a kick out of being able to prepare the best that the entrants have for a few races per year so thank you for sending me out of your best!

The proposal for the International Summer Challenge 2021 is already on paper but I just want to finalize a few figures etc. and will then send it out to you and the rest of the world so please bare that in mind so keep your stock ready to breed the next batch of winners for the summer series, entries will open @ the end of March 2020.