After getting the pigeons settled and in the air the training has not gone as smooth as I would have liked, we went to a new release point approximately 90km this morning as we kept the team at 65km for a few training flights but not once did they manage to arrive back at the lofts as a kit. I decided this morning to push them further as the weather predictions are not looking great with quite a bit of rain expected the next few days again, this am they came back well with a descent kit of about 40 odd together and then 7 minutes later another big kit. About 90% back within 10 minutes I would say but still they do not come back in a straight line from the liberation points. I have decided to keep them there for another 3 training flights, hopefully Friday, Saturday and Sunday weather permitting this means the 1st hot spot will not be on Saturday 4 January 2020 but if the weather is clear we will do the first hot spot on Tuesday 07 January 2020 from 120km. Hot spot 2 will be scheduled for Friday 10 January 2020 from 150km and hot spot 3 will then be scheduled for Tuesday 14 January 2020 from 200km and hot 4 will be on 21 January 2020 from 260km, these distance might be increased if I am happy with the returns and the form shown by the pigeons the final race is scheduled for 31 January 2020 from 400km.

Ace Pigeon:
The ace pigeon will be determined on the 4 hot spots as well as the final race, the pigeon that completes the 4 hot spots and the final in the shortest combined time will be the ace pigeon for the summer 2020 race series.

I am not going to publish a training schedule due to the weather predictions and time constraints but will be publishing results for you on a regular basis so you can follow the progress of the summer 2020 team. We all know that once we hit the 120km mark we generally experience losses let us hope that this team who has quite a number of hours on the wing will manage save returns from the hot spots!

We are already in the process of looking at the rules for the summer 2021 race when we will again have international entrants taking part so please schedule your breeding earlier as the intake will close not later than September 2020 so we have enough time to have 5 hot spots and a final race from 500km for next season.
I wish all of you a very happy, safe and prosperous new year in 2020, thank you very much for the support, the winter lofts are about 60% completed here at the new venue in Heidelberg Gauteng now and from 6 January 2020 we will be erecting the final few lofts as there are already a good 450 plus winter pigeons entered already that will be racing from June till September 2020 in a 9 race series.