Friday 27 July 2019 the International Challenge pigeons were liberated at 07h30 from Smithfield (403km) from Carnival Loft, it turned out to be a good test for the pigeons but I would have preferred it to be another 30mins on the wing for the front kit. The final race is less than two weeks away and will be held on Friday 09 August 2019.

The first kit of 7 pigeons flew just more than 5 hours and looked in good condition when they arrived here at the lofts, 1st to clock was Poggenpoel Lofts but unfortunately not entered in 2nd position and the first paid pigeon which then also wins the final hot spot prize money of R10 000 was a pigeon from Steven Fouche entered under the syndicate name African Roots well done to Steven and partners! In 3rd position and the current leading pigeon in the Ace bird competition, winner of hot spot 2 the pigeon from Wouter and Tinus du Preez who races under Jakkals & Wolf. 4th position was Ronnie Huebsch, 5th ACLO Racing (Gys Louw), 6th position and the current Grand averages leading pigeon Samuel Lofts! Our first international entry and the team who seems to be in the mix on every training and hot spot none other than Hooymans Pigeons well done Jan and team!

So we are only a few days away from the final race please note all reserve pigeons not activated by Wednesday 31 July 2019 will be up for sale to any 3rd party willing to pay the entrance fee of R7500 per pigeon, all prize money won on the final will then go to the 3rd party and the breeder will have no claim to prize money won on the final or a % of the auction money when the pigeons are sold end of August.

The prize money for the final race will be:

1st R125 000 8th R15 000
2nd R75 000 9th R12 000
3rd R60 000 10th R10 000
4th R50 000 11th – 15th R5000 each
5th R40 000 16th – 20th R2500 each
6th R20 000 21st – 25th R1000 each
7th R17 500