Summer challenge 2020
(5 Race series)

  1. Pigeons must be rung with officially recognized 2019 rings.
  2. Intake 1 August 2019 to 1 October 2019
  3. No pigeons previously entered in any other competition at Carnival Lofts accepted.
  4. No pigeon will be accepted at the loft if the deposit of R600 per pigeon is not paid.
  5. Entry fee R600 per pigeon to be paid on entry of the pigeon/s at the loft. R900 per pigeon activation fee must be paid by 1 December 2019.
  6. No entry fees will be refunded.
  7.  After the 5 race series, the top 100 pigeons will be auctioned; breeder gets 50% of selling price. If a pigeon is sold for less than R801 all will be offset against costs with no kickback to the breeder. Entrants must supply a pedigree or some other form of information on strain/performances of the family of the pigeon in order to qualify for this kickback.
  8. Should there be a need to add/change anything relating to this competition during the racing season, we shall communicate details to fanciers by text messages on their mobile phones and/or email.

Total prize money R150 000: (based on a minimum of 200 entered pigeons on 1 December 2019.

4 x hot spots R10 000 per hot spot (10 money positions)
Ace pigeons after 4 hot spots and final R10 000 (5 money positions)
Final race end of January 2020 R100 000 (25 money positions)