The transporter left on Thursday afternoon and drove to the guest farm near Verkeerdevlei where they gave the pigeons some water and then settled in for the night, Friday morning they were up early and the reports was for a clear day with a light north westerly wind which would half assist the pigeons on the flight path.

At 07h30 the 400 odd pigeons were liberated, as is the case in the winter months we do train the lofts pigeons with other fancier’s pigeons to get them used to breaking out of kits that they encounter on the way home. This also helps in breaking them up a bit otherwise every single hot spot will be a ‘trapping’ competition as we have grown accustomed to in the winter series.

They definitely picked up other pigeons on their way back as we know of quite a number of organizations who opened up their ‘sprint’ and or training pigeons close to where we liberated as well as on Winburg at 8am so they definitely picked up these different kits and this is always splits them up which is a good thing.

At 10h38 a small kit of about 10 pigeons arrived from race point and once over the loft split up into different directions except for a little blue check pied who circled the lofts a few times and then dropped down on the landing board and walked into the loft crossing the ets. This was not the first time I saw this pigeon in the front as I recalled seeing her on the first drop a few times earlier this season. As I checked the results on my cell phone I saw the name of Jakkals & Wolf or rather the brothers Wouter and Thinus du Preez from Nigel, they are new to the olr scene and this is the first time they entered the International race. Their pigeon 4021 has now flown a 1st, 2nd and a 5th position this season, well done gents!

Then what felt like an hour the second small kit arrived from Johannesburg which meant they went over with one of the bigger training kits and broke out too late, this was a kit of pigeons filled some of the best names in one loft racing, 2nd position Hooymans Pigeons, 3rd Guido Barth, 4th Michael Holt Lofts bred by Triple JJJ, 5th Poggenpoel Lofts definitely one of the best competing lofts of SA, 6th MC Hansen who seems to be in the first few every week, 7th Guido Barth with DV 465 which is the pigeon leading the grand averages, 8th African Roots Syndicate (Fouche family and Melt van Schoor), 9th Rudolf Visser with a pigeon bred by Robert Swanepoel and in 10th Herman and Dennis Beverdam well done to all the fanciers who are flying in the front right now the next hot spot will be on Friday 12 July 2019 from Bloemfontein (320km’s). The pigeons will be liberated by themselves on the next hot spots.

We are planning a shipment from Europe later in July if all goes well for the next International Challenge race in 2020, full details to follow shortly and please go and have a look at the new website for further info or contact me directly on