Race 4 of the 12 race series was flown on Saturday 22 June 2019 from Dewetsdorp

The pigeons were released in clear weather and a light wind which seemed to assist them on the way home. The pattern the last few years have been that the pigeons seems to struggle on race 1 and 2 and then generally on race 3 once we hit the 300km mark we tend to have higher losses than normal but after that I think the pigeons either start coming into form or the ones that are not able to make it has decided to go look for another loft to stay at. Again this seems to be the case as the conditions of the pigeons just seems to lift from last week and it could be seen in the returns on Saturday as well!

The first kit arrived at 12h43 and first to walk over the ets was a pigeon from Antonio Sampiao well done on the win Antonio, 2nd position went to Ds Harmzen with one of the pigeons he entered for the church well done to the Hervormers, 3rd position went to Sheldon and Cedric McDermott who is in partnership with Leon de Villiers, this is their 2nd top 3 position for the season! Well done champs! 4th was Y & M Klingbiel also another loft flying a couple in the top 10 already this season and in 5th Petrus Harmzen with one from his own team, well done to all the fanciers who flew a top 25 position so far this season, competition is definitely tough and with 8 races to go I am sure the leaders on the averages will change again and again!

Should you wish to go have a look at the averages please follow this link:

Single bird averages: https://pigeonuniverse.co.za/clrpc-member-averages
All bird averages: https://pigeonuniverse.co.za/clrpc-member-averages?field_singleallmem_tid=238
Best bird: https://pigeonuniverse.co.za/clrpc-pigeon-averages

This weekend is the last of the short distance races, best of luck to all who has a chance to win the short distance averages.

Current leaders are:
Single bird averages:

Position Fancier Short
1 Bela Vista 281
2 Aces Racing Pigeons 272
3 Hillside Lofts 2 264
4 Buffalo Soldiers 258
5 McDev 256

All bird averages:

Position Fancier Short
1 Prada’s Pride 718
2 Aces Racing Pigeons 684
3 Desert Queen Barbarians 631
4 Hennie Moll 545
5 Hillside Lofts 2 529

Best bird short distances:

Position Fancier Pigeon Short
1 Antonio Sampiao ZA 19 CYRILS 260 216
2 Daniel & Hendrik Moller 2 ZA 18 FB 17630 215
3 Graham & Bekker ZA 18 SRF 587 204
4 Hervormers ZA 18 SNWF 3187 194
5 Bela Vista ZA 18 TRPF 4239 186