09 August 2019 International Challenge

Carnival Lofts International challenge invitation, final race to be flown August 2019 from a distance of approximately 650km to the lofts here at Vaalbank close to Deneysville.

We already have pigeons entered from the following list of top fanciers!!!

African Roots Syndicate M & Y Klingbiel
Andreas Moller Michael Holt Lofts
Antonio Sampiao Midlands Lofts
Bela Vista Trust OERF
Cachalia Brothers Out of Africa Lofts
Camelot Hokke Plett Boyz
Charl Stander & Frank Ferreira Ronnie Huebsch
Christoph Groene Samuel Lofts
Dr Angela Targatz Sello Racing Team
Golden Thread Stud Smith, Piet & Lourens
Guido Barth Team Heerman, Holland & Gilbert
Helmut & Alfons Klaas Team MC Hansen
Hervormers (Petrus Harmzen) Team Skyriders
Herman & Dennis Beverdam Turf Pet Hyper
Hooymans Pigeons Webster Lofts
Jakkals & Wolf Witpen Hokke

There will be 4 hot spots, R10000 to the winner on each hot spot
The grand averages winner will win R20000 (determined over 14races)
The Ace Pigeon will win R30000 (determined over 5 races, 4 x h/spots and final)

Final race prize money:
1st R125000
2nd R100000
3rd R75000
4th R60000
5th R50000

Final race will pay out 25 positions.
Entrance fees, R7500 per entry with 5 reserve pigeons (Send 6 pigeons and pay R7500 then one is entered and the other 5 can be entered by paying the entrance fee of R7500 each at a later stage if you wish to enter them for prize money).

Entries close February 2019.
If you are interested please contact Herman on 0829281742 or email me on herman@carnivallofts.co.za